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The radical reform of science is being carried out under the direct leadership of the President of Turkmenistan. The Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan has been restored. There is the Fund of science and technology under the Supreme Council for Science and Technology. The newly adopted “State Program on the Development of Scientific Sphere in Turkmenistan for 2012-2016,” councils on dissertations, the provision of the laboratories of the academic institutes with modern equipment, special hardware help to conduct a range of scientific researches in various areas, including physics, chemistry and biotechnology. All this promotes the enhancement of the scientific-technical potential of the country.

The creation of the Technical Park in the Turkmen capital is also worth noting. This is a special complex that combines scientific-research institutions, educational institutions and other facilities. There are new documents that provide the reinforcement of the material and technical base of scientific-research institutes inside the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan. Newextrabenefits have been giventothewageforscientifictitlesanddegrees. Turkmenscientists work in all majorareas. They modernize the organizational-economic structure of the agro-industrial complex. They are engaged in the introduction of scientifically grounded methods in crop rotation and work on the creation of the developed agricultural industry, in order to raise profitable sorts of cotton and wheat and other crops. The gene-fund of plants is enriched. An ecological map is under development. This leads to the rational use of the resources of the “AltynAsyr” Turkmen lake in the Garagum desert.