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Foreign policy

Foreign policy is pursued on the basis of the country’s Constitution, the Constitutional law on permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan, the Concept of foreign policy of Turkmenistan as a neutral state and other legal acts. The foreign policy of Turkmenistan is the logical continuation of the domestic policy and formed by the international and legal status of permanent neutrality recognized by the UN.

 - preservation and strengthening of Turkmenistan’s state sovereignty, increasing its role and significance in the system of international relations;
 - creation of maximally favorable foreign political conditions for the internal growth of the state;
 - assertion and implementation of the national interests of Turkmenistan through all forms of the diplomatic contacts applied in the international practices;
- provision of Turkmenistan’s security by political and diplomatic means;
- development of the constructive mutually profitable cooperation with all foreign partners on the basis of equality and mutual respect;
- provision of full compliance of the foreign political actions of Turkmenistan with the international law and UN charter.